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In-House Laboratory & Diagnostic Services
The SoMa Animal Hospital team knows how important a prompt and accurate diagnosis can be in the care of your pet. That's why we offer a full, in-house laboratory as well as ultrasound and digital radiography (x-ray). These tools allow us to provide the highest standard of medicine for your pet and offer the best treatment plan possible.

Some of the common tests we can run in our laboratory include kidney, liver and pancreatic evaluations, feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) screenings, parvovirus testing, senior and puppy/kitten screenings and stool testing.

We also maintain relationships with referral laboratories and veterinary radiologists we can utilize when necessary.

How Do X-Rays Work?
By directing electromagnetic radiation toward the part of the body in question, digital radiographs (also called X-rays) create an image highlighting your pet's bones and internal organs. In many cases, radiographs can show your veterinarian things like skeletal fractures, foreign bodies that may be present, the extent of dental disease and even soft tissue damage in some cases.

What is Ultrasound?
Much like radiographs and labwork, ultrasound provides our veterinary team with a view of your pet's internal organs and soft tissues, allowing us to rule in or out possible diagnoses and develop a treatment plan for your animal. Because of the type of waves used to create the image, ultrasound is more suited to viewing your pet's soft tissue structures versus the bony structures that an x-ray can see. Your veterinarian may use this modality to evaluate tendon or ligament damage, get a closer look at your pet's internal organs or even suggest its use in certain procedures like biopsies or centesis.