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Wellness Exams

The single, most important thing a pet owner can do to maintain their pet's quality of life while maximizing their lifespan is to have routine physical exams and lab work performed by an expert team of veterinary medical professionals.

Routine physical exams and wellness labwork allow us to establish a baseline for each patient. Your pet's care team will carefully examine each of your pet's major biological systems. This way, we can quickly notice if something is different or goes awry. The symptoms of health problems are typically subtle at first, then gradually progress until they reach an advanced stage.

Routine physical examinations and laboratory testing help us to catch these issues earlier, when they are much easier to treat. Preventive care can help your pet live a longer and happier life by your side.

Your Pet’s Exam
Each time you bring your pet in for an exam is a chance for us to perform a thorough evaluation. As a regular patient, this affords us the chance to pick up on small changes throughout your pet’s years and ensures a high quality of life as long as possible.

Your veterinarian and care team will evaluate your pet's eyes, ears, skin, teeth, internal organs such as the lungs and heart, body condition and behavior during the exam. Additionally, you'll likely see them performing movements to evaluate your pet's skeletal and neurological systems for signs of potential problems. Your care team may ask you questions to help them evaluate your pet's nutritional status as well.

All of this helps us to make an accurate care plan and make suggestions to improve the health and longevity of your pet.